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Die Schöpfung - Stvoření (2CD)

Die Schöpfung - Stvoření (2CD)

Nakladatel: Haenssler CLASSIC

HAYDN Joseph - Die Schöpfung - Stvoření (2CD)
Bach-Collegium Stuttgart, Gächinger Kantorei Stuttgart, Helmuth Rilling
Helmuth Rilling's recordings of numerous large oratorios during the past few decades have become the standard reference. Not the least because of the work of his long-time ensemble and the many outstanding singers. Above all, his inspiring Haydn recordings belong to Rilling's most spirited interpretations.

The two great oratorios of Haydn's late period "The Creation" and "The Seasons" are among the most impressive works in all of music history. In them, the composer explored the fundamental conditions of human existence and set them convincingly to music. "The Creation" was completed in 1798 and performed in March of the following year for the first time in Vienna. It quickly spread throughout Europe and is still one of Haydn's most successful pieces.
Haenssler CLASSIC, 2 CD, ©2013 4010276025825
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