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Paulus (2CD)

Paulus (2CD)

Nakladatel: Haenssler CLASSIC

Gächinger Kantorei Stuttgart, Pražský komorní sbor, Česká filharmonie,Helmuth Rilling
Helmuth Rilling has recorded numerous large oratorios in the past decades, always working with outstanding singers and well-known ensembles. He recorded Mendelssohn's "Paulus" together with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, who is internationally celebrated for their gentle, homogeneous sound.

Mendelssohn's oratorio "Paulus" spread throughout Europe soon after its premiere in the 19th century and today belongs to his most frequently played works. The work has a certain operatic and dramatic quality which contributes to the tension on emotional and spiritual level. And it is exactly these qualities that are reflected in the expressive temperament of Helmuth Rilling, so that this recording brings together a happy combination of world-class singers, an outstanding orchestra and dedicated choirs.
Haenssler CLASSIC, 2 CD4010276026143
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